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Full Version: Trump Ad Slams Pelosi
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The Jimmy Dore show is a Trump Ad ? Yes, I suppose. But not in the legal sense unless Dore on the Trump payroll.

James Cordan show is a comedy. His question was about something in her house ??? Doesn't Pelosi do anything in her official capacity to rankle the Trumpers ?
Dore is a hard-line Progressive and no way supports Trump.
That fat fucker from the UK is the least funny person on TV, nothing but a little giggly bitch.
The ad is clear about Pelosi holding up money to us here in Slavelandia.
I didn't see an ad ????
Then you didn't watch the video.
I saw an Epoch times ad then a cell phone ad. Then it went right into the Jimmy Dore show, which I watched.

What else was there ? I saw no Trump ad.
Dore played the ad on his show, it was the part where Jimmy said Pelosi was so bad that Trump made a commercial with it: Here it is... That was at about the 7:57 mark