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Full Version: Hating Homeschoolers
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This is the kinda crap that homeschooling parents are always concerned about.
that is scary stuff.
A lot of work just to find out where homeschools are abusive and failing children.
In the first place that is none of their business. As a homeschooling parent and someone who knows many I can attest that everyone of them had nothing but the best interest of their children's welfare, education, and well-being as their motivation. Now please don't come up with some aberration of the norm.
Harvard can do what they want, I suppose. But it looks like it's more for a protective slant.

By your response it seems like you agree that the only information out there is purely anecdotal. Homeschoolers do not respond to surveys and there are no real standards.

Back in the mid eighties when I was distantly involved in Wisconsin's homeschool programs, I observed:
1. Instructors who couldn't sign their name on the form. We accepted Xs.
2. Increased truancy complaints in Milwaukee
3. Public schools coercing special ed families to home school

I've always said that homeschool is great for those who actually get an education.

Based on what we know, more accurately what we don't know, homeschooling is the least of our many educational problems.