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Full Version: Defiance in Texas
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Quote:No Exceptions, No Delays…. Open Texas NOW.”
That’s the call to action of a resolution passed nearly unanimously by the Republican Party of Texas executive committee, urging Gov. Greg Abbott to “immediately rescind all COVID-related mandates, closures, and restrictions” and reopen the state.
That would be Rethuglican Greg Abbott. His despotism is so egregious that his own party disavows it!
Quote:“For a state party to publicly disagree with a sitting governor of the same party is not something any of us take lightly, and the instinct of loyalty to leadership is usually pretty strong among party activists. So for this to happen underscores the depth of the anger and frustration out there,” said [Rolando] Garcia[, the newly elected committeeman for Senate District 15 in Houston who authored the “Open Texas Now” resolution.
And what prompted Mr. Garcia to come to the serfs’ defense? 
Quote:“[Abbott’s] announcement last week about another incremental increase in capacity was the last straw. It is so blindingly obvious to everyone that the lockdowns and restrictions were a mistake and devastated the lives of so many people,” Garcia told Texas Scorecard. 
“I really hoped that last week’s announcement would finally put an end to this madness. Instead, we just got more games about 50 or 75 percent capacity … for some businesses … in some regions. It’s such a farce at this point and totally disconnected from scientific or public health considerations. It was clear that the state party had to take a stand, so I authored and submitted that resolution.”
Only 4 of 58 committeemen voted against the resolution. Hearteningly, Mr. Garcia estimated that “If we were voting based on what we hear from the grassroots, it would’ve passed with every single vote…”
The Resistance grows! Thanks to Bill Martin for this encouraging news!
"Fat, lazy and stupid is no way to go through life" - Dean Wormer (Animal House)

Applies to these rebel snowflakes.
Three cheers for Rolando Garcia.