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Full Version: More on the Injun
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Updated: Nathan Phillips rally protesters attempted to disrupt Mass at DC’s National Shrine
Here's even more on the injun:
The guy in the video at the end got  a hold of the guys military record - oh boy, besides going AWOL several times he was merely a refridgeration mechanic, stateside.
Of the five bad players in this non-event. I think the injun was probably the least odious.

1. Media - of course
2. Black Hebrews - religion always seeps to the top of problems
3. Parents and chaperones of the Red Hats
4. The young Red Hats themselves.
5. Nathan Phillips - whose only crime seems to be that he is professional protester
The only ones minding their own business were the kids. Clearly, he invaded their space on his own volition.
How those black racists are not taking any stink for their behavior is mind boggling.
Can't say that running around in such provocative attire in a politically charged event is exactly minding your own business. I don't think anybody owned space in that area.
I say BULL! The injun was turned away by guards at the Basilica the day before for trying to disrupt a church service, so that argument fails miserably. Also, it takes someone with no intelligence to be provoked by a cap, that only a few kids were wearing. No consider that flood of pink pussy hats that were flooding the streets with no incidents that we are aware of. No, your position falls flat.
The Red Hats are symbols of oppression to some. And this was hardly an incident.
Anyone who thinks that a red MAGA cap is a symbol of oppression needs to be committed because they are nutz.
And anyone that can't see that the injun is nothing but a troublemaker and a liar is a fool.
All I can say you can google it. But I think you know what some folks feel about MAGA. The injun doesn't really matter in any of this.
Google is evil and I will never use it. How's that for off topic?
The injun was the entire focus of the media who came up with this fake news crap. Why weren't the racist Black Hebrews any noteworthy part of this. They are disgusting.
Again, anyone that gets upset about a MAGA cap is a weak, spineless snowflake.
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