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Full Version: Fraud, Krakens and "Experts"
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Speaking of fraud....

Sidney Powell's Key Election Witness Is A Pro-Trump Podcaster Once Sued For Fraud: Report | HuffPost

Quote:Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman has been accused by North Dakota’s attorney general of assuming false identities to “deceive people,” says lawsuit.

Quote:A secret witness who lawyer Sidney Powell has promised would reveal presidential election fraud turns out to be a pro-Donald Trump podcaster once sued for fraud, The Washington Post reported.
The QAnon-supporting lawyer has filed a series of failed, typo-riddled lawsuits challenging the results of the presidential election. Powell has claimed in court documents that her witness, a former “intelligence contractor,” knows about a foreign conspiracy to attack the election. Powell said her informant’s identity could not be revealed in order to protect her life. 
But podcaster Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman of North Dakota, who confirmed to the Post that she’s the informant, served less than a year in the Navy in the 1990s, the Post reported Thursday, and there’s no indication she worked in intelligence or as an intelligence contractor.

Her affidavit submitted in Powell’s lawsuit is a slight rewording of one of her blog posts written more than a year before the election, according to the Post.
A 2018 civil fraud case against Maras-Lindeman by the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office accused her of falsely claiming to be a physician, a Purple Heart recipient, and a Navy intelligence veteran, using several aliases and social security numbers, and exaggerating her resumes in a “persistent” effort to “deceive others,” the Post reported. A judge earlier this year ordered Maras-Lindeman to pay $25,000 in fines and attorney fees after spending donations solicited for veterans’ wreaths and homeless shelters on herself. She denied the accusations and is appealing the ruling to the state Supreme Court.
It is shameful that the WP doesn't spend its time, energy, and resources investigating what happened to the election instead of this kind of trivial nonsense.
If this was the first faux expert presented, I might agree. But it becomes a story when the only experts the Trump clan presents are never experts.
Kinda like the expertism of those saying it was a clean election.
(12-26-2020, 01:23 PM)k.d. Wrote: [ -> ]Kinda like the expertism of those saying it was a clean election.
The clean election is assumed until proven otherwise. So far they are 2 for 62 in court cases. What does that tell you ?

I never made that claim. Never made it in any election. Because I have no idea.
Quote:The clean election is assumed until proven otherwise. So far they are 2 for 62 in court cases. What does that tell you ?
It tells me the FBI and DOJ will investigate a hand pull in a NASCAR garage but not hundreds of impossible irregularities that 100% favored Biden in an election.
DOJ did look at all this. I suspect that’s not good enough. Just a guess.
Quote:DOJ did look at all this. 
Where's your evidence?
Can’t miss him. He’s big guy.

Trump Tweet yesterday:
The “Justice” Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history, despite overwhelming evidence. They should be ashamed. History will remember. Never give up. See everyone in D.C. on January 6th.