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Full Version: Another day. Another faux expert
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Quote:The inventor behind one of the worst gadgets of all time has joined the motley crew of quasi-experts trying to defend President Donald Trump’s unfounded election fraud claims despite being wildly unqualified to do so.

His name is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and he testified before the Georgia State Judiciary Subcommittee this week, introducing himself as an “inventor and pattern recognition expert” whose “prolific” patents for computer-readable code are licensed by nearly every global tech giant and used on more than 12 billion devices worldwide.
It’s a wholely outrageous claim that you won’t be surprised to learn is far from the truth. In reality, Pulitzer didn’t invent QR codes or the technology that powers them, but he [i]is [/i]the brains behind the CueCat, a relic of wacky early aughts gadgetry that failed so spectacularly that he later had his name legally changed, ostensibly to distance himself from this multi-million-dollar disaster.
CueCat Inventor Is Back to Help Trump Try to Overthrow Election (