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Full Version: This guy is crazy
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What's up with this Gohmert dude ? Is he really that full of himself ? By all accounts, his suit was the weakest of the weak attempts. Not to mention stupid beyond comprehension.

Quote:Texas Congressman [b]Louie Gohmert[/b] reacted to the dismissal of his lawsuit against Vice President[b] Mike Pence[/b] by telling an interviewer that the decision sends the message that people must “go to the streets” and be “violent” in order to to have their grievances about President [b]Donald Trump’s[/b] Electoral College defeat addressed.
Louis Gohmert: Pence Lawsuit Ruling Means Violence in Street (
The Congressman is correct, but what should we expect from a Jew who trashed the innocent Duke LaCrosse team and the Coventry kids. He tries to portray himself as an objective analyst but is so biased he can't stop from being biased and taking sides. He's just horrible.

BTW, has he said anything since the fat ugly black woman judge reversed herself down in GA?