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Full Version: Rampant Covid theories
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1.The Covid-19 Vaccine Will Contain A Microchip
2. Covid-19 Was Deliberately Made In A Lab
3. Vodka Can Be Used As Hand Sanitiser
4. Being Able To Hold Your Breath For 10 Seconds Means You Don't Have Coronavirus
5. Eating Garlic Prevents Coronavirus
6. DisneyPlus Released Covid-19 In Time For Its Launch
7. Covid-19 Arrived From Space
8. Covid-19 Is, In Fact, 5G Attacking Our Brains
9. A Psychic Predicted Covid-19 Back In 2008
10. The UK Government Are Baking A Giant Lasagne
11. The French Government Are Making A Ginormous Garlic Bread
12. Cocaine Protects Against Covid-19
13. Drinking Cow Urine Also Protects Against Covid-19
14. Coconut Oil Also Cures Covid-19
15. Greta Thunberg Caused Covid-19 To Help With Climate Change
16. Covid-19 Is A Marketing Scheme By Hand Sanitiser Companies
17. Covid-19 Was Created By Netflix To Tie In With Their New Series

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