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Full Version: Cocksucker Buttigieg
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Buttigieg: Struggling Families Worried about Gas Prices Should 'Buy an Electric Car'

Hey! Fuck You Butty
Quite an innocuous statement to get your petticoats in a bundle for.

But I suppose you couldn't pass on the opportunity to demonstrate your bigotry
What bigotry? He's a cocksucker and butt fucker by his own admission. Besides all that, he's a stupid father fucker. If a family can't afford gas how in the hell are they gonna buy a new car? How stupid. Let me guess, you think this guy is bright.
Not just bigotry. Petulance. You like read yourself spewing it.
You don't do well with facts.
You haven't posted a fact
Sure I have, he is a cocksucking butt fucker.
You are a proud homophobic prick.
See, that's just not true. I just don't like dumbasses, Besides, he's a little weasel. I'm hardly homophobic. I respect the hell out of Glenn Greenwald who is gay and a Jew. Gore Vidal was gay and I think he was one of the best American writers in our history. All you have is bunch of silly liberal words. Like MLK Jr., I go by the content of a man's character.