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Full Version: Gangster Toddlers of St. Paul
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The Gangster Toddlers of St. Paul
If you’re looking for some footage that may make you more despondent about the state of humanity than Hunter Biden’s treasure trove of crack/hooker selfie videos, look no further than this 30-second clip of teeny-tiny black toddlers, the most aggressive of whom is a male who’s said to be only three years old, taunting, shoving, and cursing at a black cop and a white cop in St. Paul, Minnesota.

St. Paul and Minneapolis, collectively known as the Twin Cities, had a combined total of 22 homicides in 2019. Then, after the Summer of Floyd, the combined homicide rate shot up to 135 in 2021. It’s the Ferguson Effect all over again, with Black Lives Matter ensuring that more black people start ending other black lives to hammer home the fact that only black civilians are allowed to murder other black people, and if they have to kill a million black people every year just to ensure that no white cop ever harms a hair on their heads, they’ll do it.

As fate would have it, the officers were attempting to execute a warrant for murder. If one plays the odds, one might assume that the warrant was for a suspected black killer who killed another black person. If you think that saving black lives is a desirable goal, this would seem to be a good thing — but not to the roving, angry Gangster Toddlers of St. Paul. The film shows the mangy, dreadlocked three-year-old boy, who’s barefoot and wearing only underwear while out on a city street, shoving the cops and saying “Shut up, bitch!” and “Shut the fuck up!” to them, and insulting one of the officers for his “ugly-ass shoes.”

This sad spectacle is the result of our educational system. A couple generations ago, even preschoolers knew that shoes don’t have asses, ugly or not.

The lawless black toddlers are also shown punching, kicking, and throwing rocks at the hapless officers.

What is the solution? Would the officers have been justified shooting the impudent three-year-old fledgling gangsta point-blank in the head? Would that have led to preschool race riots across the country? Should police departments from coast to coast train and hire ruthless SWAT teams of three-year-old law-enforcement officers? Do we simply stand back, stand by, and allow black people to keep killing each other, since that seems to be the only thing that makes them happy?