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Full Version: Rename those streets and schools
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Tear down those statues and erase MLK Day. Why would you want to be associated with this guy?

FBI recordings indicate Martin Luther King, Jr. had over FORTY affairs and accuse MLK of watching and laughing as a fellow "pastor" raped a woman. The tapes further reveal that the paid communist agitator engaged in orgies and normal and abnormal sexual activities (whatever the hell that is supposed to be). It has been known since the huge marches and rallies of the 1960's that night time brought marathon sexual parties complete with "gangbangs" and other deviant sexual practices by the "marchers and supporters". The MSM rarely ever talks about these happenings. MLK was a regular participant. In his 1989 book And The Walls Came Tumbling Down long time friend and confidant of MLK, Ralph Abernathy exposed King as a man who suffered from temptation. He outlined how King had a severe "weakness" with women. Abernathy also stated in his book that King was with not one, but six different women the night before he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. Below is a photo and a caption caught on one of the many FBI tapes in Washington, D.C. in 1968. The FBI even sent King an anonymous copy of this particular statement telling King "you are finished" and "you should go ahead and kill yourself".
The biggest sin is that MLK day is in the dead of winter. Disrupts everything !

Can't wait until you post those newly revealed tapes.

When does Abernathy's new book come out ? It seems you may have a typo in your "authored" post. You say 1989 ?
I guess he join the other of the rapers, slavers, racists and cutthroats who got their names on the streets of Madison
I look forward to driving down Trump BLVD. in Madison
I think "rapers, slavers, racists and cutthroats" already enshrined with street names would roll in their graves.
I suppose, Trump isn't 'one of them' like MLK is.
If I had added admitted swindler, serial adulterer, narcissist, and petulant child to the list. Trump would be right in there.
You think he should have a national holiday?

Government workers need another paid day off.
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