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Full Version: More Snowflakes
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I don't see what the pride is in being a known c*cksucker or colon cowboy, or carpet muncher, but hey, that's just me.
It is funny what invokes " pride" in people these days.

Race, gender, sexual orientation and the geography of where you were born. All coincidental.
"Pride comes before a fall".
It is easy to feel a bit superior knowing your people have put a man on the moon when compared to peoples who can't figure out how to make a door knob.
Ok. What did you have to do with moon landing ?
I watched it on a TV also invented by my peoples. Oh, and I was not watching it in a mud or thatched hut with dirt floors.
Afraid to ask who your peoples are. But technological advances were well under way before our founding. And by folks browner than you would hope for.

You may have enjoyed watching that monumental pissing away of money on TV, but yours and mine only contribution was giving them money. If that makes you proud, go for it.

I do thank god for the grace (or luck) of being born into such affluence. I worked hard, but so do people in thatched huts. We were lucky.
Thank capitalism.