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Full Version: proud to be white
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If she is proud to be white, she forgot mention it.

She did spend 20 minutes describing how she and her small-minded followers are victims. I suppose victimhood can invoke pride ??
The video was only 12 mins. long. It may have seemed like 20 minutes though if you are so small-minded and close-minded that you couldn't at least see some validity to her points. Well, at least she is pleasant to look at, but, I suppose, you'd rather see fat-old Oprah.
I understood the theme of the video. But I didn't a point, let alone a "valid" point. Feel free to post what believe to be point(s) of this.

I am a little ashamed at myself for watching the whole thing. A new low for both of us.
By your comment the best I can figure is that you are either part of AntiFa or you are of a different race, not from European descent.
The video is vile to every nationality. Even to the many folks of European descent now waiting at the border in hopes of being granted asylum. Some of those may even be more "European" than your new heroine ! You may want to check that out, those things seem to be important to you as of late.
Exactly! What is vile is that I'm of German descent and I couldn't get into Germany because I'm not African or Muslim.
Being of German descent does not make you a German. I suspect if you could claim to be a refugee you might have your immigration status updated. "African" and "Muslim" are not nationalities
Neither is American or Jew a nationality, but African and Muslim are the passwords into Germany and several other European/Scandinavian countries and all the welfare these nations steal from its citizens to provide to these invaders.
There is no invasion. Relax , white folks still dominate.
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