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How Can We Blame This on the NRA & Whites? Mass Shooting at Black "Twerk or Tweet" Halloween Party on Campus of Texas A&M-Commerce Followed by Retaliatory Gun Attack at Vigil...
Paul Kersey • October 28, 2019
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File this under “how can we blame this on an NRA member?” section. More importantly, it’s another black mass shooting the corporate media will ignore.
So what goes on at a “Twerk or Tweet” Halloween party? This is not a typo: the black party was labeled and promoted as a “Twerk or Tweet” Halloween party for Homecoming weekend… [2 dead, 12 injured in shooting at college party in Texas,, October 28, 2019]:
Quote:A gunman opened fire at an off-campus college party in Texas, leaving two people dead and 12 others injured before he escaped in the ensuing chaos, authorities said Sunday.
Authorities believe the shooter may have been targeting just one person at the party of about 750 people outside Greenville, 15 miles (24 kilometers) southwest of a satellite campus of the Texas A&M University System, and that others may have been shot at random, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said. Authorities were still looking for the suspect, Meeks said, and had not yet identified him.
The shooting took place around midnight Saturday at what Meeks described as a Halloween and homecoming party for Texas A&M University-Commerce, though officials have said it was not a school-sanctioned event. Authorities believe there was one male shooter who entered the venue through the back door and began firing with a handgun, Meeks said.
Meeks described “complete chaos” after the shots rang out, with hundreds of people fleeing, including the gunman. Authorities initially had said 14 people were injured, but they later revised that figure.
The 12 injured included six people who were trampled or hurt by glass in the melee, according to Sgt. Jeff Haines, a spokesman for the sheriff’s department. Six others were injured by gunfire. Four of them were in critical condition and one was in good condition Sunday afternoon, he said. He did not know the condition of the sixth person.
The two people killed were both males, Meeks said. Family members identified one of the victims to local media as Kevin Berry Jr., 23, of Dallas.
After a vigil for Berry on Sunday night at a Dallas park, at least one person opened fire. Mourners and reporters on hand for the event took cover and at least one vehicle was struck by bullets, according to local media reports. Multiple gunshots can be heard in a video posted by one reporter.
Chaser. [Gunfire erupts at vigil for victim of Texas homecoming shooting: A reporter with NBC Dallas-Fort Worth captured video that showed multiple bullet holes in her SUV., NBC News, October 27, 2019]:
Quote:Gunfire erupted during a vigil on Sunday night for a person shot dead at a homecoming party in Texas over the weekend.
An NBC Dallas-Fort Worth SUV was struck at least three times, a reporter with the station said.
Video showed multiple bullet holes in the vehicle’s window and frame. The reporter, Diana Zoga, said that neither she nor her photographer were struck. There didn’t appear to be other injuries, she said.
Zoga added that the shooting happened while the vigil was ending.
The vigil was at a park in Pleasant Grove, a neighborhood in Dallas, for a victim who a family spokesman identified as Kevin Berry.
A spokeswoman with the Dallas Police Department said officers responded to a shooting call at the site of the vigil at 8:07 p.m. CT (9:07 p.m. ET). The responding officers learned that a disturbance at the vigil escalated and shots were fired, police spokeswoman Tamika Dameron said. There were no injuries reported, but several vehicles were reported damaged, she said.
The Saturday night shooting occurred roughly an hour away, at an event space near Texas A&M University-Commerce in Hunt County. More than 700 people were at the party, authorities said.
Two people were killed and 12 were injured after a gunman opened fire shortly before midnight, authorities said.
For those wondering why so few national media outlets are covering this mass shooting with wall-to-wall coverage (all in a bid to convince white gun-owners to give up their firearms and abandon their 2nd Amendment rights), the initial shooting at the “Twerk or Tweet” Halloween party and subsequent retaliatory shooting at the vigil didn’t involve any white people.
You can go back to watching your regularly scheduled program of Bob and Abishola on CBS now.
Good thing nobody got killed
yeah, good thing

Quote:A gunman opened fire at an off-campus college party in Texas, leaving two people dead and 12 others injured
(10-30-2019, 08:34 PM)k.d. Wrote: [ -> ]yeah, good thing

Quote:A gunman opened fire at an off-campus college party in Texas, leaving two people dead and 12 others injured
Who cares. As long as white people were vindicated.
How can they be vindicated if they weren't involved?
You seem to have a hard time comprehending these articles.
Don't blame the messenger. Ask the smallphuck who wrote this how he got white people as a subject.
I'm sorry you can't understand the simple concept presented in this article.
(10-31-2019, 11:04 AM)k.d. Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sorry you can't understand the simple concept presented in this article.

"How Can We Blame This on the NRA & Whites?"

Is this what keeps you up at night ?

Do you feel vindicated now.
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