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Full Version: Go ahead, say his name Rand !
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The push is House Dems, not a "Deep State"

But I'm ok to end this discussion.
Quote:The push is House Dems, not a "Deep State"
Right, and the CIA had nothing to do with JFK assassination.
That's what they seem to say.
You are old enough to know better than to believe what "THEY" say.
I like to think so.
But if I had to pick, I would tend to believe an actual investigation over conspiratorial hearsay.

The best answer is nobody knows and never will.
Quote:I would tend to believe an actual investigation over conspiratorial hearsay.
Do you know it was the CIA that came up with the term 'conspiracy theory'? Why would they do that?

Most phony conspiracy theories are the brainchild of the Deep State, such as, WMDs in Iraq or most recently Russia-gate. These are pushed by the buffoons in government. Then you have the ones pushed by citizens and true investigative journalists. Say for example that the US G was torturing prisoners or that every communication by citizens was being recorded or listened to - thank you Manning and Snowden for providing the truth.

Yet, there is enough information now available that the coup against Trump was started by the Deep State(they didn't like his campaign rhetoric about having friendly relations with Russia) and that the Dems, out of having lost the election, were easy to convince to jump on board.
A Trump "coup" is nothing but histrionics.
Sure, that's why Brennan put a CIA task force together to focus on Trump in early 2016.
Hadn't heard that.
You'd know the entire scoop if you'd have watched my post "Obamagate".
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