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Wholesale Debt Forgiveness - j.p. - 07-23-2019

Warren and others take a page out of the Trump playbook for shameless pandering to their base.

Forgiving student debt is one of the worst things we can do for our young folks and country. It is wrong on so many fronts.

Aren't these kids supposed to be the best and brightest. It is assumed that most graduates will have a high earning potential. They have their whole life to pay it back. It made me sick that Shalwell and Booker were complaining on the Dem debate stage that they still had student debt. Good thing neither one will be President.

It really isn't that hard to pay as you go. Our daughter and us were able to do it without much sacrifice at all. There are tax free savings accounts that virtually cut the price 30 %.

It will be a noticeable deficit item if enacted.

It coddles our middle class kids.

It's a disincentive for colleges to control costs.

It's not fair to the kids and parents who work their asses off to pay the debt.