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Favorite Blogger
OH Lord I just have to comment tonight on a post I saw on my favorite unhinged Madison WI liberal blog.

Gregory Humphrey has a political blog. He keeps his nose buried in books, newspapers and far left news sites. But today this political junkie decided to step into the world of professional football and it was classic. Mr Humphrey makes no secret that he is a gay man and the pictures of his home and yard show impeccable taste. He may know a good alignment for a floral arraignment but would be stumped to explain a 1st down. Here are parts of his sports rant today.

"Today James and I sat outside most the day reading. Late this afternoon some passersby walked along and the topic of football came up. Green Bay was plowed under as we took in the sun. Yawn."

Ok that's not too bad.....but then he continued:

"a troubling story was told about the roughing from Clay Matthews. Apparently last week Mathews, more or less, lifted a player and drove him harshly into the ground. He was presented with a flag for that offensive behavior"

OMG That last line is a literary classic!! But he continues!

"the part that made me cringe was that instead of some strategic maneuver to make a play Matthews today used all of his weight to land squarely on a member of the other team. I know nothing about football but think Matthews plays dirty."

Wait a player makes a tackle and lands on a player of the other team, I guess he does not understand that is the idea to TACKLE the player on the OTHER team.

Like I said he is a pretty good writer but clearly has little to no understanding about the draw of sports for millions of people to watch as he says over-weight guys plowing into each other.

"This weekend was the start of fall, and today as breezes came off the lake leaves let go of trees and floated about. The sun was warm and there was every reason to be outside. That people hunkered indoors to see over-weight guys plow into each other says a great deal about the national pablum"

It was an enjoyable read and I did thank him for the brilliant piece on his blog. Now excuse me the second half of a bunch of over weight Lions and Patriots is about to begin,
Not a bad piece of writing by you pkarm.
I will leave out any comments about the colon cowboy and his allergy to anything truthful.

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