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The Conways
A new TV reality show coming this fall !

Not really as far as I know. But they could make some serious cash if they have one.
I like Kellyanne but my gawd, what a dysfunctional family. That brat of a kid needs to be on the receiving end of a paddle and George needs to show some respect for his wife and her employer... oops, former employer.
Somehow society is less forgiving of child beatings the older they get. She's 15 and K and/or G would be in jail.

I don't know that George has disrespected Kellyanne. He reserved his disrespect for the person who deserved it.
She needed the paddle years ago.
You can disrespect someone without shooting your mouth off, which does nothing but make your spouse look bad.
Again, they are dysfunctional, but evidently don't mind presenting it to the world. So, maybe a reality show is in order.

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