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Buy, Trade, Sell
Recently, I put several items for sale on one of those Buy Trade, Sell sites. I have bought a few things off of them but never tried selling anything. Trying to clear out some stuff we never use or have no use for, we thought that might be a way to make some space and make a few bucks in the process. We posted the items and had almost instantaneous responses. There must be people with nothing else to do but monitor these sites and who want to be the first to respond to any new item listed, not necessarily being an actual buyer, but a browser. Anyway, the first to respond were, I would guess, ignorant, inbred, under-educated slugs sitting around in bathrobes drinking cough syrup.

The first message we got was, "wat rong wit it."  The next was, "wat the lowest price u go?"
This went on for half-a-day. We didn't respond to any of these morons, but I was tempted. By the end of the day the items had sold to some folks who had asked intelligent and inquisitive questions.

I bring this up because I saw an ad that gives a clear picture of the typical person you are dealing with responding to these ads. Check it out below

[Image: and-it-votes.jpg]

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