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Right on Schedule
After consulting with his attorneys and crisis management team, Jussie Smollett told Chicago police that he has an alleged drug problem, a move which could be used as a mitigating factor to get his sentence reduced, according to TMZ
[Image: smollett%20crying_0.jpg]
Smollett divulged his 'drug problem' after turning himself in Thursday morning on charges that he filed a police report for a Jan. 29 hate crime hoax he allegedly paid to associates to act out. 
Smollett fingered Abimbola "Abel" Osundario - one of the two brothers the 'Empire' star allegedly paid $3,500 to beat him up - as his drug dealer, selling him 'Molly' several times since the spring of 2018 according to text messages. 
Police say Smollett text messaged Osundario asking for the drug - a street name for ecstacy.

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