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How to become "unvaxxed"
Covid is new. What we think we know we might not.

Did Fauci lie last year when he failed to predict the Omicron variant ?
2,200 citations and sources in RFK Jr.'s book. If Fraudci and/or Gates don't sue him, the conclusion can only be that everything in the book is true. And I have no reason to believe it's not by my own research. Beside, you have no standing. You defend Puppie killers, baby killers, crimes against humanity, and minor-attracted pedophiles. Basically, you suck as a human being.
RFK is a wackjob. Nobody takes him seriously. He is using people like you to sell books.

He is not important enough for anybody to sue.
Right, and 2,200 sources are all liars and wackos. Do realize how stupid you sound?

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