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Diversity Stench
In the wokeness ecosystem, one corrupt race-hustler springs forth from another, which sprung forth from another, which itself sprung forth from another. It’s like the fly-egg-larva-pupa-fly cycle on dog poop, but far more putrid.

Last week, Marilyn Mosby, state’s attorney for Baltimore, was indicted on federal perjury and fraud charges. Mosby, a strong black woman, was especially strong when it came to bilking the system. She conned $100,000 in Covid relief money by falsely claiming “financial hardship” (her annual salary is $248,000), and she made false statements in mortgage applications for a $490,500 home and a $428,400 condo.

Now that’s some good old-fashioned “hardship.”

I’m gon’ lay down my burden,
Down by my riverside condo.

Mosby, who got where she is because of race, was helped to that position by Kamala Harris, who also got where she is because of race—half-black, half-Indian. And on the same day that black race-hustler Mosby was indicted, Indian race-hustler Charles Edwards pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges. Edwards had been Inspector General for Homeland Security under Obama (another race hustler), who appointed Edwards IG because who better than an Indian to investigate government waste? (Indians know all about “waste”…just look at any sidewalk in Mumbai.)

Turns out the pilfering Punjabi “used, possessed, and transferred stolen DHS-OIG and USPS-OIG documents and information to software developers in India.”

He also kept calling people claiming to be from Windows tech support.

The irony is, while Edwards was IG, he prosecuted a race-hustling Hispanic woman, Dawn Hamilton, for falsely claiming to be a small-business owner in order to receive benefits from the Small Business Administration’s Section 8(a) program, which throws cash at minority businesses like an NBA player at a strip club.

Rungs on a race-hustling ladder. Obama, Hamilton, Edwards, Harris, Mosby: each running their own game, each proving daily that diversity is our stench.

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