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AOC calls bullshit on "thoughts and prayers"
Leave it to the young and mostly silly idealists to speak the truth.

Until I see a RWNJ bow their head and pray, I call bullshit too.

I will offer the actual translation of "thoughts and prayers". It means "we don't want to bothered with your problems"
I can see her on her soapbox on the streets of New York spewing that crap on 9/11.
you mean that phony and shallow "thoughts and prayers" mantra ?
A person with even a small degree of class will extend a perfunctory courtesy. She has no class.
There is nothing classy about blurting out cliches with no sincerity to back it up.
Do you mean a cliche like Sandy blaming the New Zealand massacre on the NRA - which is nowhere to be found in that country?
never heard that cliche
I suppose you never heard the cliche that Rosie Odonnell is fat because of spoons, either.

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