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Are not our friends.

The Kurdish militias are basically terrorists. I have no problem with them fighting for their mythical country: Kurdistan. But they could care less about the US, especially since we are quasi allies with Turkey. So we must start getting the hell out of the Mideast now or it ain't happening. These faux tears about us abandoning the Kurds from both Dems and Pubs make me sick.

This is Trump's defining moment in my eyes.
“The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a resolution opposing the Trump administration’s move to withdraw US forces from Syria. The vote was 354-60 with four members voting present.”

Well, we see where your idiot party stands.
Kinda what I said.
Then why do you support and defend them?
There were Republicans in that 354
Of course Republicans voted - that should be no surprise.But, the Ds control the house, control the agenda, control the bills brought up for a vote and they passed it - and would have without help from the dumbass Republicans.

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