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Part 2: Impeachment
Judiciary has 4 Constitutional experts at its hearing. 2, possibly 3 Jews and the brilliant Jonathon Turley. The Counsel for the Jewish Majority Chair is also a Jew. I would guess that the Majority's members are probably disproportionately Jewish
One the experts at the hearing, Pamela S. Karlan, has a wonderful quote about herself on her WIKI page: She has described herself as an example of "snarky, bisexual, Jewish women" I can't prove it but it wouldn't surprise me if she was friendly with Weinstein & Epstein, after all she did admit, under oath, giving money to Hillary.
Make that possibly 4 Jews.
Michael Barone
Mona Charen
Linda Chavez
Ann Coulter
Greg Crosby
Larry Elder
Don Feder
Suzanne Fields
James Glassman
Paul Greenberg
Bob Greene
Betsy Hart
Nat Hentoff
David Horowitz
Marianne Jennings
Michael Kelly
Mort Kondracke
Ch. Krauthammer
Lawrence Kudlow
Dr. Laura
John Leo
Michelle Malkin
Jackie Mason
Chris Matthews
Michael Medved
Kathleen Parker
Wes Pruden
Sam Schulman
Amity Shlaes
Roger Simon
Tony Snow
Thomas Sowell
Cal Thomas
Jonathan S. Tobin
Ben Wattenberg
George Will
Bruce Williams
Walter Williams
Mort Zuckerman

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Quote:So you think Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Walter Williams are Jews because they get articles published by WJR?
Maybe. You can never trust a sneaky Jew publication. You of all people know that.

Did you check your pocket Jewometer ?
Quote:You can never trust a sneaky Jew publication.
I'm not the one who tried to insinuate anything with that publication. That was your big, bright idea.
Yesterday's hearing was a perfect example and was clearly laid out for all to see what a vile and despicable people the academic Jews and political Jews are. How vile and despicable? So much so that even the classy and gracious FLOTUS felt a need to comment.

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