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Time for some music
Here are a couple of performances that I like.

Hunter Elizabeth and I think the guy was on one of those American Idol shows

A girl and her guitar
Lianne La Havas

A boy and his guitar playing bebop standard "Donna Lee"
Matteo Mancuso
Sant Andreu Big Band from Barcelona Spain. This is a kids group. Awesomeness.
There are many, many of their videos on You Tube from small combos to the Big Band. Enjoy!
This chic blows my mind.
BTW, that's Duane Allman playing guitar.

Country music is ‘dead’: Icon Loretta Lynn trashes modern hits
I agree that Country Music Radio sucks, but let's be thankful for young guys like Mo Pitney:
Zubin Mehta with Khatia Buniatishvili - Schumann: Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54
A song for the times:
When I listen to Oldies Radio Stations I almost never hear songs by these guys. When I was a kid they were Huge and Bigly.

Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. it was time for this show. I almost never missed it when I went from being in Rock bands to Country Music.
Here's Roy Clark with solos by the great Leon Rhodes and Curly Chalker.
Maybe I'm just getting older but I am truly amazed by some of the super-talented kids performing on You Tube today.
Here are two:
Emily Linge, 12 years-old:

And here's Sina on drums. I think she started playing about age 10 and is 17 now. (watch that hi-hat)
This 9 year-old kid was just brought to my attention in an email titled Bass Face.
Besides being unbelievably talented musically at such a young age, his Bass Face is pro. LOL
I guarantee you will be entertained by this performance.
If you are anything like me you are totally fed-up with the Covid bullshit, masks, vaccines, and lockdowns; totally fed-up with politics, elections and tyranny of governments and want to get your mind off of all the depressing crap in the world.
Maybe these couple of numbers will put a smile on your face, reduce some stress and anxiety, and brighten and lighten that gloomy mood. Hang in there, the world is a wonderous place.

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