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I don't get it
The uproar over withdrawing a measly 2,200 troops from Syria. We have no defined mission, no endgame, we are viewed as invaders and we will never kill all of terrorists (real or perceived).

same goes for Afghanistan
It does seem as though the only people who like the idea of bringing troops home are the troops themselves, their families and you and me. 

Quote:The hostility toward Trump from an odd but united front of disparate elements has been enormous and unrelenting. These elements include liberal media, right-wing and Rockefeller Republicans, left-wing and centrist Democrats, evangelicals, neocons, pro-empire corporate interests, Deep Statists, anti-Russia antagonists, foreign policy and humanitarian moralists, political correctness crusaders, and globalists of all stripes including social media.*Michael Rozeff
You are missing retired generals from your list, although they may be a subset of the other groups listed.

Generals make horrible government officials. They might be able to make military decisions, but are totally devoid of geo-political savvy. Withdrawing troops is not a military decision. And "winning" a war has rarely been a "win" for the American people.
Must be the season, how else can you explain me agreeing with you?
Indeed. The baby Jesus has shown you the light, at least for a few days.
Yup, that's it. lol

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