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Why hasn't the boy been destroyed yet ?
David Hogg

Intelligent liberal young people are enemy number one to the RW exploding heads, nationalist fairyfolk andĀ MAGAsters.

In addition, he had the audacity to question the largest and best funded fear mongers of all time, the NRA.

How is this dude still standing ?
[Image: serveimage?url=https:%2F%2Fstatic-1.bitc...d7cebab0b8]
He is neither liberal nor intelligent - he's a little NAZI!
Indeed. Invoking Godwin's law, so far, is the best the MAGAsters et al can come up with.
Sometimes, if the shoe fits...
A mere boy who survived a mass shooting ?

You would think the droolers would save the nazi crap for someone who actually had some power.
He is another punk kidĀ  who doesn't understand why the Founders gave us the 2nd Amendment Rights. Another pretty boy media darling who is ignorant about the Constitution, but has a big mouth - and no brains.
The kid is not against the second amendment. Where did you dream that up ? He is against mass murder.

He may have a few brains. He was admitted to Harvard.
The little jerk is parading and marching around demanding extreme gun control measures that fly in the face of the 2nd. If he were against mass murder he'd be screaming about the situation in Yemen - but not a peep about that ongoing mass murder.
I'm guessing his 'celebrity' is what got him into Harvard after being rejected by UCLA and 5 other Universities in CA.

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