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GOP no longer messing around
Quote:“I ask, Oh God, that you would take your iron rod and I ask that you would smash the clay jar of deceit in America, smash the clay jar of delusion in the United States of America, smash the delusion, father of Joe Biden as our President. He is not,” Bachmann says.
“Would you take your iron rod and smash the strong delusion that Nancy Pelosi does have her House of Representatives, we don’t know that. Smash it, in Jesus name. Smash Lord the takeover of the Senate, by Chuck Schumer, Lord smash it with your iron rod. I asked Oh God, that you would take your iron rod. And I asked that you would smash the claim of just.
What was the context in which this was taped?
Looks like her living room couch.
Not an answer.
(11-11-2020, 11:06 AM)k.d. Wrote: Not an answer.
I don't know what floats around in that woman's head.

It was on her twitter feed. So I assume he was communicating to her followers ? Campaigning the Trump way ?
The Twitter link you provided was Right Wing Watch not Bachmanns.
What specifically are you looking for ?
Give me her tweet page not one of your commie page tweets.
You don't want to see her twitter page. WOW

The video I posted was not on her page. At least not now

So you don't think it was her ?
She hasn't been on Twitter for 3 years. So, where is this video from?

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