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Now we know
(11-16-2020, 01:48 PM)k.d. Wrote:
Quote:watch TV. She is on often. You link was from a TV show. She is a regular on Lou Dobbs.
Perry Mason was a TV lawyer. Because she is onĀ  a segment of a program does not make her a TV lawyer. Sheesh!
She is a regular. Trust me. She is a TV lawyer. She wouldn't represent Trump if he didn't watch her on TV
Quote:She is a regular. Trust me. She is a TV lawyer.
I did a search on You Tube for her. Most of her appearances have been within about the last week. She was on quite a bit during her representation of Michael Flynn which seem reasonable. A few appearances during the Weiner case. Other than that her appearance, which were few, were promoting her book, a couple for Schaffly's Eagle Forum and a few round table type events on Cspan and a few other similar type deals. in other words, you are full of it.
Mostly Flynn.

No, I am not full of it.

I am, sadly, an expert
That's like saying Gen Schwarzkopf was a TV soldier.
What TV show did he work for ?
Which TV show does Sydney work for?
Fox Business mostly.
Ron Paul used to be on there more than anyone I know but he was never employed or worked for them. You are grasping at straws, now.

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