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Biden-Harris Voters
Robert Katz “character[izes] Biden-Harris Voters” for us:
Quote:Biden-Harris voters fit into two categories:
  • Fools who are too stupid to understand the diabolical villainy of the Democratic/Left-Wing/Communist agenda.
  • Scoundrels who applaud the diabolical villainy of theDemocratic/Left-Wing/Communist agenda.
Be aware, a Biden-Harris voter might be both a Fool and a Scoundrel, but certainly, at least one. Would an intelligent, civilized man vote for candidates who praise the two preeminent domestic terrorist groups, BLM and Antifa, intent on destroying America?
America is my country. I was born here. It would take an enormous lack of self-respect for me to ‘heal’ with someone voting for the destruction of my country. Go tell Concentration Camp and Gulag victims to ‘heal’ with the Gestapo and the KGB.
Indeed. And only a moron or a Marxist—-but I repeat myself—looks to politicians and the Satanic State for healing anyway.
Imagine his bewilderment when his pain only worsens!

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