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This ain't how you end a "lockdown"
The COVID vaccine rollout is falling millions of doses short. Here's why. - CBS News

Quote:States have been receiving fewer vaccine doses than they were initially allocated by the federal government. Earlier this month, Perna apologized for his "miscommunication" about vaccine allocations; he had revised the numbers of doses to be sent to some states after receiving more information from Pfizer about what was available.

It's not like we didn't have time to do this.
OH, look, CBS is on the list
“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire
Getting to herd immunity as fast as possible is the single most effective way to open businesses.
Let's see how the 10 Worst Mayors in the Country (ALL DEMOCRATS) are handling that
“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire
Politicians are hypocrites. Just look at the presidential covid carnivals, among other things.

Sadly, I think the voluntary prevention thing has gone to hell. I don't know where the notion of sacrifice and care of our follow man came from. But it seems non-existent now in the US. We definitely have become the nation of fat and lazy assholes, encouraged by many politicians.

The only thing we have left is vaccines, such as they are.
Formerly-esteemed scientists tried to tell us that the hype made no sense. “We’re falling into a trap of sensationalism,” Stanford University’s John Ioannidis said as early as March 23. “We have gone into a complete panic state.” The interview containing those comments was soon banned by Youtube, even though Ioannidis is universally recognized as “one of the world’s foremost epidemiologists.”

Prominent scientists who signed the Great Barrington Declaration suffered a similar fate, smeared as fringe elements promoting “craven lunacy” and a “brutal” attempt to “let people die” – in other words, as Nazis.

But that wasn’t name-calling. And it wasn’t censorship, either – even though Reddit’s moderators promptly banned the Declaration. Such facts mustn’t be mentioned. Breathe the word “censorship” and you’re a right-wing fanatic.

Speaking of fanaticism, though: an 18-year-old American college student is behind bars at this moment in the Cayman Islands. Her crime? Watching – by herself – as her boyfriend competed in his last jet-skiing race of the year, after she had received not one but two negative tests for COVID19. It seems other people attending the race snitched on the woman, resulting in a four-month prison sentence for cutting short a fourteen-day “quarantine” – one that was issued without a court order, of course.

Once upon a time, we would have called those snitches “collaborators,” if not “heartless fanatics.” Now their actions are praised by newspapers and prosecutors alike: after all, they were protecting the public “health” by putting a young woman in prison.

New vaccines for COVID19 are another way of protecting the public health, of course – they have nothing whatsoever to do with the billions of dollars pharmaceuticals companies are likely to make from selling them.

Never mind that the Food and Drug Administration had to short-circuit its own rules in order to authorize their use. Never mind that the manufacturers had to be promised that “for the next four years, [they] cannot be sued for money damages in court over injuries related to the administration or use” of their new vaccines – a blanket legal immunity that is “very rare,” according to a prominent labor attorney. (Oh, and you can’t sue the FDA either.)

None of that matters. None of that is of interest.

That’s why CNN’s “political analyst,” Joe Lockhart, could recently insist that the government ought to prevent Tucker Carlson from stating inconvenient facts about those vaccines on his Fox News program. The First Amendment doesn’t matter any more, you see. Joe Lockhart says so. He’s a representative of a press outlet calling for government censorship of another press outlet – for expressing an opinion he doesn’t agree with.

And? Has anyone in the “free press” complained about Lockhart’s breathtaking treachery – attacking the Constitution’s press protections while handing over a colleague to the Thought Police? Not as far as I know.

Because, you see, none of it happened.

Just like the rest of the coronavirus coup. Even while it was happening, it wasn’t happening.

It didn’t matter that all the recent hysteria about COVID19 “cases” was based on the results of a manifestly unreliable testing procedure. It didn’t matter that inexpensive and effective treatment for the disease may already be available, with no serious side effects, from drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. When the highly-credentialed Dr. Pierre Kory tried to interest Congress in the use of these medications – from which no one stands to benefit except those suffering the worst cases of COVID19 – he was the target of an astonishing smear by the ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

That was typical of official reaction, though: after a group of physicians announced the promising results of the same drugs on December 4…

no major U.S. media outlets reported [their] pleas for help from the federal government to act… Nor did any representative from the CDC, the NIH or the World Health organization contact them,

…according to one of the rare alternative news sources that bothered to report the story.

So the unproven vaccines will roll out everywhere; Big Pharma will get even richer; poor people will be allowed to die. As manufactured claims of rising “case” numbers stoke renewed hysteria, government after government will subject its citizens to further mass house arrests, even though the experience of Belarus – which did not impose “lockdowns” – strongly suggests that the mass-incarceration strategy does more harm than good.

To those in power, all this is of no interest. It didn’t matter. It never happened.

And to the rest of us?

That will depend, I suppose, on the steadfastness of people who care more about the truth than about conformity.

Those for whom words still have meaning, and facts still matter.

Those who are not ashamed to touch, nor afraid to stand up.

Those who will not swallow lies nor ingest a fraud.

Those to whom the word “freedom” isn’t an insult.

Those are the ones who have truly survived the ghastly year 2020 – and on whom our future depends.
“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire
Masks dissipates aerosol droplets. They're not the end all. But they are very effective according an overwhelmingly amount of experts.

Big Pharma will always get their cut, woulda we gonna do ?

Freedom doesn't come without sacrifice. A lot of people lost their freedom as the result of COVID, and they're not the ones screaming.
Look at the warning on the box the masks come in. They do nothing.
“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire
It's a disclaimer. And It does not provide absolute protection. I don't recall anybody claiming that.
Read it. It doesn't provide any protection.
“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire

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