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Cruz and Hawley
Geraldo Rips Fox & Friends Defense of Trump, Cruz and Hawley (

Quote:But he wasn’t finished. “History will judge [Trump] him, and it is something grotesquely disappointing to me what happened, and I tell you I blame senator Josh Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz much as I blame the president.” He said they knew that there was no Constitutional, judicial or legislative path to overturn the election, and yet “they went along with that phony challenge…”
[font=Georgia, serif][b]Steve Doocy[/b] interrupted to ask, “Why did they do that, Geraldo?”[/font]
“They did it because they are in competition for the Donald Trump constituency,” Geraldo flatly replied, suggesting the motives of Hawley and Cruz are deeply cynical and craven political plays. A view that is [font=Georgia, serif]shared by many reasonable people, by the way.[/font]
The kike Abrams pushes the crud from the Swamp.
It was from Fox. It was from a spic.
The link went to the kike's page. He is part of the Swamp just like the Jew-Rican Geraldo.

Fucking idiot Geraldo running around with a gawddamn Star of David on his hand.

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