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Check Your Life Insurance
Does it cover you if you get the jab? You might be surprised.
It's always good to know what you are buying. That's why I don't have life insurance. I play the other side of that game, I invest. Insurance is the most profitable industries in the world, there's a reason for that.

Regarding covid shots... If you are afraid, don't get one. But nobody dies, so far. So there is no legal test. But by all accounts, insurance would cover.

I don't think anybody would fall for what you are trying to sell. We would be in deep shit as a country if people did.
Quote:But nobody dies, so far.
Tell that to Hank Aaron and the other thousands who have died from the jab.
Aaron's death had nothing to do with a shot. Thousand have not died from covid vaccines.

There is no logical or moral reason for your post. You have taken your propensity for lying a new level.
Oh, that's right, you believe Fauxchi and the CDC's BS.
Death certificate
2 gun shots to the head = death certificate: covid
Not quite. 
But I fail to see what that has to do with vaccines.
It makes as much sense as you saying death certificate after a report of 23 people in Norway dying after the jab.
Didn’ t happen as you imply. It’s as stone cold of a lie as your insurance whopper.

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