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Synagogue & Mosque Attacks
If it was purely racial he would have went to a rap concert. No, he went to a spot where people were unarmed and no danger to himself. If a mass murder happens in a church it is going to be listed as a church killing.
He picked an easy target, yes.

He was a white supremist. This was no more Christian persecution than OKC, Vegas or any other mass murders where victims are Christian.

If you are going to bank your thesis on mass murders by crazies, then I would have to conclude that your claim of Christian persecution to be unequivocally imaginary.
I stand by the article.
Our country was not free from religious persecution throughout its history. Salem witch trials, persecution of Quakers before they founded Pennsylvania, etc. Fortunately we have a First Amendment that most are familiar with. But worldwide, this is not the case. So, you can deny persecution of Christians, but it is happening.
The persecution you mention is akin to the persecution of Sunni Muslims by Shiite Muslims and visa versa.

It sounds like we agree that persecution of Christians in the Christian "world" does not really exist.

About the only examples of Christian persecution in the US I can think of is how we persecuted that clerk in Kentucky by not allowing
her to use her office to further persecute. And also how the Christian press persecuted Judge Roy Moore by pointing out that he was asshole LOL
You've never heard of Northern Ireland?
??? It was a war or at least a conflict. It was mainly over nationalism.

When we dropped the A-bomb on Japan cities. Would you consider that religious persecution?
According to you, if sects of religions are warring it still isn't a religious war. SHeesh.
Well, it was more than just Protestants v Catholic. It was a fight for independence. I guess I never equated all-out wars as "persecution". Most wars do a have a religious element.
So, what part of this is not factual?
No matter your feelings about Christianity, it’s hard to deny that the Western press is far less sympathetic toward attacks on Christians than they are toward even the slightest disparaging comment about Muslims and Jews.
According to a website called Open Doors USA, slightly over 100 churches and Christian buildings are burned or attacked monthly worldwide. Nearly 350 Christians are murdered for their faith every month as well.
Other findings from Open Doors USA’s research:
• nearly a quarter-billion Christians worldwide—or one in nine—“experience high levels of persecution.”
• North Korea is the most dangerous country on earth for Christians.
• In 8 of the top 10 countries for persecution of Christians, the animus is fueled by Islam.
• In many of these countries, Christian women experience “double persecution”—one for being Christian and one for being women, which, well, can be understandable given the way so many of them act.
We suspect that the press looks the other way regarding these global atrocities not so much because they hate Christians but because, despite global demographic trends, they still tend to see “Christendom” as synonymous with “whiteness.”
Don't Know. Neither source reports news. Taki is, well, Taki and this "Open Doors" place seems to be a lobbyist organization. So it is hard to gauge the factuality of it's claims. But I will give you that persecution exist to all religions. Majorities persecute minorities, that seems to be a law of humanity. Nothing to debate here.

What is not factual is the not so subtle inferences that Christian persecution exists here. Putting aside my disdain for most of the essayists who contribute to Takimag. They do not report news, that's just a fact. They mix and match historical accounts to create a very narrow thesis that folks like you want hear. Their audience is not seeking facts. They are seeking affirmation of their already preconceived notions.

Now let's looks at their readers:
Largely Americans
They fancy themselves as rugged patriots, libertarians, constitutionalists yada, yada , yada.

These folks do not care what happens in other countries, which is where any persecution exist. Takis mission it to convince it's readers that they are the victims. In this case that they are being persecuted. Otherwise what was the point of the article ?

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