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And I Quote
Quote:We are a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable, especially those who may be dangerous. That’s why over the past six years deportations of criminals are up 80 percent, and that’s why we’re going to keep focusing on threats to our security.
Dangerous , violent people must be arrested and prosecuted regardless of immigrant status. If it is lawful and safe , they should be deported.

Our policies and rhetoric go way beyond that.
For example?
of what ?
Of policies going beyond.
rounding up peaceful people, purposefully maintaining inhumane detention facilities for refugees, unconstitutional census questions, muslim bans , rabble rousing, withholding municipal aid, reneging on DACA promise.

to name a few
You need to get a grip. It is obvious you have no respect for immigration laws and are socialist sympathizer.

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