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Tucker on WalMart
I do my best to avoid that place.
You adore Walmart. You have professed your love many times in the past. Don't deny that.

Did Tucker change things.
You have me confused with someone else.
nope. I remember well

I remember you extolling them for allowing RV parking overnight. And when we were posting about Walmart asking it's employees to go an BadgerCare (Medicaid), you took the side of Walmart claiming them as a responsible employer.

There were other instances of you professing you love for Walmart.
Nothing like getting completely away from the point of the video.
I have used the WalMart parking lot as an overnight stay in my RV and do believe it is a convenience when you just want a bit of sleep. But I have never told anyone to shop there and I almost never use the place to purchase anything. I also would never tell anyone not to work there. None of that has anything to do with Tucker's video.

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