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Trump out progressives DNC
All the Trump haters, take heed.
Trump has ordered there can be no evictions or mortgage foreclosures so people don't have to worry about losing their housing. He also wants to send the citizens some cash - similar to a Universal Basic Income. If he bails out corporations they can not do buybacks of their stocks (which is what got them in trouble in the first place).

What do Pelosi and Schumer want? Nothing even close to what Trump is offering. Loans is their plan, not interest free loans. With their plans only the banks will be winners. Just like Obama did, he bailed out all the banks and screwed the people.
I have many times professed my love for stimuluses. But no amount of government expenditure is going to spur consumption or production during this type of crisis.
Holy Cow! Am I turning socialist?
(03-21-2020, 01:04 PM)k.d. Wrote: Holy Cow! Am I turning socialist?
Add this to your "Silver Lining " thread
Don't get too excited, that was a question, not a demonstrative statement.

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