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Wisconsin Strategy
Hoping not to find fraud so that they can sue for fraud. I suppose if the partisan court doesn't declare fraud, it will be FRAUD !

Quote:The recount petition he filed Wednesday asked to throw out broad swaths of votes in the state’s two most Democratic areas — something the county clerks there are sure to reject.

But by pursuing the recount, Trump has given himself a vehicle for a lawsuit that would likely go before a judge by early December. It could quickly get to the state Supreme Court, where conservatives hold a 4-3 majority.
I sure hope that Trump can admit defeat like the Democrats.
Actually the 2016 race was closer than this. With blue states inexplicably turning red. Nary a peep about this fraud and conspiracy nonsense.
Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!!!!!!
Fraud, Fraud, Fraud !!!!!!
I would be willing to put money on it.
(11-20-2020, 11:18 AM)k.d. Wrote: I would be willing to put money on it.
on what ?
On fraud, fraud, FRAUD!!!
There's always fraud.

But if you will be specific, I might take you up that.
Quote:There's always fraud.
I win!

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