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Walls Across America
More hypocrisy from Dems.
(02-02-2019, 09:50 PM)k.d. Wrote:
More hypocrisy from Dems.

I agree with your sentiment. Pissing away your own money is your right. Maybe the property owners on the border should heed your call.
I'm beginning to think you don't understand the meaning of hypocrisy.
nothing hypocritical about wanting privacy. I got a fence too.
So you don't want strangers or even neighbors wandering around on your property. That is why you have a wall.
You too are a hypocrite.
Actually it wasn't my reason. And I can be a hypocrite

But there is not even a tiny semblance of correlation between fenced/walled in private property and Trump's border monument. Your fake news blogs do not further your stupid argument

Is that the best they got ?
As I said, you don't understand the hypocrisy here.
Yep.Totally lost on me.

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