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Goad:Whites Not Welcome
Telling White People They Aren’t Welcome

Funny creatures, those black people — they don’t seem happy living in majority-black countries, yet they seem absolutely miserable in majority-white countries. After all this progress, why are they so resolutely unhappy? It makes one yearn for the days when they’d shine your shoes with a wink, a toothy smile, and a quick complimentary tap dance.

Sherronda J. Brown is living proof that black women eat too much. Lara Witt is a mixed-race woman who, to her credit, doesn’t bankrupt all-you-can-eat buffets as Miz Sherronda seems to do. Together they fight whiteness, whiteitude, whitosity, and whitardation at some blog with the synesthetic name of “Wear Your Voice.” They want to make it clear as a bell that if white people seek to become their allies in destroying white people, they should be prepared to swallow gallons of daily abuse:

When white people enter our spaces, especially en masse, it inevitably means more labor for us, either to engage with white folks who are “just trying to learn” but refuse to relinquish their liberalism or to set necessary boundaries with them to prevent ourselves from becoming even more fatigued. . . . We are inundated by white people who hope to feel comforted by our content and continually react with hostility when they find that their comfort is not our concern. . . . We will reiterate as many times as is necessary that this is not a liberal space and cannot be made into one, no matter how uncomfortable that makes people. We invite people to either sit in that discomfort and learn something, or leave.

Whenever Sherronda J. Brown enters any space, it is always “en masse.”

At Arizona State University in Phoenix last Thursday, two white males were studying — or looking at porn on their laptops, it’s impossible to confirm — when two more black female bison stampeded in and began verbally abusing them for tainting the school’s “multicultural learning space.”

One of the two girls — it’s hard to tell, they all sound the same to me — took issue with a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on one of the white students’ laptops and saw fit to give him a thorough finger-wagging, swivel-headed dressing-down:

You’re offensive. Police Lives Matter? This is our space. You’re making this space uncomfortable. . . . You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space means? It means you’re not being centered.

After instructing the two evil ghost men to leave, a white male wearing a “Didn’t Vote for Biden” T-shirt implied he had every right to occupy the multicultural learning space by asking, “White’s not a culture?”

“White is not a culture!” screamed one of the she-primates at him.

You think whiteness is a culture? This is the violence that ASU [Arizona State University] does, and this is the type of people that they protect! . . . This white man thinks he can take up our space . . . they think they can get away with this shit! . . . This is the only place on campus that does not center you, and you are still trying to center yourself, which is peak white cis male bullshit.

“I’m not racist,” replied one of the Racist White Supremacist Peak Cis White Male Bullshitters. “I’m just studying. I pay the same fucking tuition as you. I’m working 60 hours a week while going to school because my parents don’t just give me money!”

Regardless, the two white males left with their little white tails between their legs.
“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.”

― Voltaire

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