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Mueller report : Dizzy from the spin
Can't believe all of the spin from both sides based on a document nobody has seen, at least at this posting.

Whatever is says, I hope the public gets to see ALL of it. Then we can move on to more important things like "lock her up" and Bengazi. Can't say the Dems wouldn't deserve it.

The only thing I'm disappointed about was my morbid desire to have seen junior sweat a little bit more.
The thing was supposed to be about collusion with Russia. I'm betting there was no 'there', there.
Tucker sez
He has been saying for months. Until we get the whole report, it's just more ho-hum
We know not one person was indicted for anything even remotely related to Russian collusion. That's all we need to know because that was what the investigation was about.
The investigation was about collusion. Nothing has been said yet about that, yet.

Remember when whitewater turned to blowjobs ?
It's over and there are no indictments for collusion. There never was any Russiagate. Are you arguing there was?
Collusion is not a crime. I'm not arguing anything. There is nothing to argue about.

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