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So much for Free Speech
A suspended frat ?? that's a problem ?

These fine upstanding scholars are still free to act like little phucks.

No speech issue here.
Why were they suspended? Oh yea, over speech.
The frat was suspended not the students according to your article.

I was thinking free speech as in the bill of rights. Nobody's constitutional rights were violated.

The freedoms that you are talking about we've NEVER had. Nor can I think of a place and time were anybody could speak with total impunity
What's the difference between this and the Roseanne show. She said something and her entire show was canceled, plus the PC Nazis ruined her entire career and took away her source of income from the reruns.
No difference . Hollywood and Academia are places where you need to watch what you say and do. But there are some safe places for the MAGAlets.

But let's make no mistake that the collegiates and Roseanne are responsible for their OWN actions. I suspect if they wanted to act like decent human beings they would have been fine.

These kids will be ok in the end. Roseanne's career was all but done before she spouted her little phucese. She'll survive too.
I guess you forgot that Roseanne was the #1 show on TV at the time.

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