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Oppressed Brown Seekers
David Cole
Ah, the refugee caravan. Would it be a midterm election without a bunch of oppressed brown-skinned asylum seekers storming the border? In a way, these refugees are like cicadas, appearing with clockwork predictability anytime the powers-that-be need a good “humanitarian crisis” to tug on voters’ heartstrings. So now we have the Hondurans…marching toward the border, holding the flag of their native country, demanding political asylum because (according to them) if they were to stay in their native country, they’d be slaughtered by their beloved countrymen. But hey, let’s proudly wave the flag of that native country made up of assholes who want us dead.

Remember when all those Jewish refugees from Germany in the 1930s arrived in the U.S. waving Nazi flags? No? Neither do I. I mean, I hate to come off as suspicious or untrusting, but it seems a little odd to be haughtily displaying the flag of a country that you are supposedly fleeing because everyone there wants to murder you.
You got it backwards. Trump's invaders won't get here , if at all, until well after the election.

"Operation Faithful Patriot" I'm sure will be a glorious military victory. Something to talk about in future MAGA rallies. What a joke. I'm sure the veterans will be proud to tell their grandkids about it .
Guess you didn't hear about the buses.
Maybe not. Where are they ?

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