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Is it a life or isn't it ?
How could these centralists in Mizzou and others possibly make an exception for rape and incest ?
I need a link. Have no idea what you are referring to.
It's the difference between voluntary and involuntary pregnancy.
Does the involuntary pregnancy make it less of a "life" ?

Or maybe the legislation is more about government control of certain citizen's rather than protecting life ?
Look at it as an unwanted tenant that you would be required to feed, house cloth, nurture, school, and be responsible for for at least 18 years and nine months. Would you do that?
I doesn't take a rape or incest to create an unwanted "life".
It is 2019. Anyone who voluntarily creates an unwanted life should be held morally, contractually, and fiduciaraly responsible for that life with no recourse of abortion. There simply is no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy in this modern age.
I agree that the couple and/or taxpayers should be held morally, contractually, and fiduciaraly responsible for a life. But a fetus is not necessarily a life ( at least not in the legal or biblical sense). I think it is very important that we get this "life" thing nailed down before we start denying "defined" people their constitutional rights.

It's also not lost on me that most women oppose these draconian measures. These stodgy overfed insecure white males definitely have a women problem.

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