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Persecution of Whites Begins
So, it begins !

(with apologies to Tolkein fans)

But, I do like the timely reference to my point from a few days ago about small phucs bastardizing the word "patriot"
Marxist/socialists can not be and are the exact opposite of patriots. Yeah, Pratt is a real threat to the country because he wears a Gadsden flag T-shirt. Sheesh!
Patriotism has nothing to do with economic systems, even after the bastardization occurred. Your average decent freedom loving Joe on the street nowadays would never consider belonging to a group with "Patriot" in it's title.

Pratt is no threat. Only a jerk as far as I can tell.
Why would a patriot have to belong to something with patriot in its title? The title could be MAGA.
btw, Pratt has the reputation of being one of the nicest guys in the industry and not pretentious in the least.
I'll try to answer it with question.

Can a patriot subscribe to civil rights for all, a safety net for the poor and disadvantaged, fair taxation, public education, women rights, environmental protections and a inclusive health care system. ?

In this, hopefully short, dark era, Pratt's shirt has become provocative and disrespectful. Sad isn't it.
A Patriot is one who defends the Constitution. Nothing you mentioned is in the Constitution and are Marxist/Socialist ideas that are the opposite of a Constitutional Republic.
Pratt's T-shirt is exactly what the Revolution was about -defending individual liberty and fighting oppression by a government.
So we agree the word "patriot" has been bastardized. And it sounds like you are bastardizing Constitution and Constitutional Republic. Because neither the document nor the from of government precludes any of the values I mentioned.

Pratts t-shirt had nothing to do with the Revolution.
Once again it is time to reintroduce Davy Crockett and Farmer Bunce to understand what the Constitution says and means.
That ship has sailed. Crockett gave his opinion, good for him. But that's all it was. Plus I didn't mention charity

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