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Paul offering us free vacation trips
All we have to do is bellyache about the stupid shit our government does and he'll pay to send us back to where we came from.

I'm in !  The trouble is I don't know where I came from, but I'm sure it's a nice place(s).
Some people are ungrateful and unappreciative for what they have - Omar is one of those.
She appreciates her freedom by exercising it. What else is she supposed to do ?.

I will admit that she is a bit difficult to subjugate, which has been the bane of insecure males throughout history.
And Rand was exercising his freedom to point out her lack of being grateful she doesn't have to shit in a hole in a shithole country.
He sure was, even without coherent evidence that she is not grateful. Deference and obedience does not equal gratitude. Maybe Paul was simply demonstrating his deference and obedience to Trump with his statement. It certainly would not be a statement made by someone who understood what liberty means.

I think we can just put this dilemma to rest by simply asking Omar. What possibly can be more conclusive than that.
Omar is a known liar.
We are used to that ! You have never had a problem with them before ??
She lies like a Jew and is as unscrupulous.

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