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Trump's own rat infested shit holes
Trump has nothing to do with the properties of Jew slum lord Kushner.
Trump's spawn just following daddy's example:
Rent controls, eh? Guess the writer and the city don't understand Economic 101 - supply & demand.
Rent controls have been replaced with rent subsidies (taxpayer funds). Trump has cashed in on those.

Trump knew what he bought. He chose to make it a shithole.
New York City has rent controlĀ  If you are talking about Section 8 housing in other areas - those are simply shitholes in the making.
You seem to be obsessed with Trump.
I have frequently taken issue with Trump for his professed hatred for Americans who don't fit the profile of a Redhat.
That is by far my biggest issue with the man. On the days he doesn't run his mouth I don't say much about him.

So, if I seem to be obsessed, that mean's he running his mouth. So, I understand that comment.
Have you talked to a doctor about your Trump hatred hallucinations?

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