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Coming Soon
Project Veritas will soon be releasing its undercover investigative videos of CNN.
Stay tuned.
Videos released.
Watch them here:
A lot of air to tell us the "Pope is Catholic"
CNN = your 'goto' news source.
You wish.

CNN, Fox and MSNBC don't report news ( at least not in the evening). They only offer slanted commentary.

I am not proud to claim that I might be an expert on this issue.

If O'Keefe wanted to make his investigation credible, he would have broadened it to include all cable so called "news" outlets. For now this was just an astounding statement of the obvious meant for Fox and OAN infomercials.

Kinda lazy too. All of that stuff on Zucker has been previously reported. I was disappointed.

And to that retard who said that Don Lemon's show was supposed to be objective... Good Lord ! There is absolutely no hint of a pretense to anybody with an IQ over 50 of objectivity on his show.
You admit Trump was right in calling CNN & MSNBC fake news.?
I've mentioned before, if you want actual news, go to RT. Zero Hedge is also pretty good at news, though it leans toward financial news.
False narratives perhaps, all outlets do this including the 2 you mention. RT and Zerohedge don't really delve in hard news.

Fake news is news Trump's doesn't want reported. If somebody is "lying" he should have enough guts to say so.
Who delves in hard news?

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