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Sicko Democrats
Democratic California Rep. Katie Hill’s resigned amid scandal in October after allegations she slept with a congressional staffer and a campaign  .staffer, and nude photographs of her surfaced.
Okay, so far, so good. Except, now look who wants to replace her and take over her seat

Young Turks host and California congressional candidate Cenk Uygur endorses sex with animals.
In 2013 #Cenk2020 discusses what "score" a woman has to be if she asks to "suck your d*ck." Cenk says 99% of men would let a woman who is "hot" or a "9." But a "2" or "3"? Meh. Maybe 50%.

Quote:“Obviously, the genes of women are flawed,” Uygur wrote in a 1999 post lamenting the inadequate amount of sex he was having while living in Miami, Florida. “They are poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.”
In a 2002 entry in which Uygur described the “rules of dating,” he specified that “there must be orgasm by the fifth date.” And in a 2003 column, he described drunken revelry at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he “kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breasts.”
In addition, a 2004 post by Koller described teenage girls that he and Uygur met near a gas station in Pennsylvania as “whores in training, literally looking for boys to pick them up.”
Vote Cenk Uygur 2020 you Sicko Democrats

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